There are numerous economic, environmental and safety advantages of renting equipment instead of buying.

As the key representative body for the hire industry in Australia, the Hire & Rental Industry Association is increasing awareness of the compelling business case around the benefits of hiring what you need versus purchasing and owning it.

Tax benefits

Hiring equipment is fully tax deductable which makes good business sense especially during tougher economic conditions. By hiring, companies can offset outlays, recover some of their operational costs, and limit their overall capital equipment purchases.

The latest equipment

When hiring you have access to a huge range of modern equipment. New equipment can be trialled without any capital outlay or the need to take on new debt. By choosing to hire from a HRIA member you are also ensuring equipment reliability and efficiency.

Work smarter and more effectively

Once the job is finished, the equipment can be returned, without the worry of depreciation, repairs and maintenance and storage costs, or whether that piece of equipment will ever be used again.

Ensure Safety

All rental equipment is thoroughly checked and maintained prior to each hire and electrically tested and tagged as required. Rental equipment is hired out complete with written operating instructions, warning decals and labels and support manuals.
When hiring from HRIA members end users will receive education and instruction on the safe and correct use of equipment. Hire companies will also check the hirer’s qualifications to operate certain equipment where a licence is required.

Do your bit for the environment

Equipment that is purchased often sits unused for long period of time. In an era where resources are scarce and people are increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint, hiring makes sense for your business and the environment.
Hiring means you eliminate upfront capital expenditure or funding, while freeing up resources to focus on their core business. Hiring is a smart alternative to buying outright and whether you a business or an individual, people are seeing the advantages of becoming more hire conscious.

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