The HRIA Young Professionals Development Program was created to encourage and support the career development of the future leaders of the hire industry. This program focuses on developing both personal and professional skills to help pursue a successful career within our industry.


Mentees are partnered with mentors and lead through facilitated sessions focusing on the Young Professionals Development Program Modules.

Goals and Habits: Learning to set goals and being eager to establish new habits

Business Acumen: The commitment to understand growth, profitability and key performance metrics

Learning Agility: Self-evaluation and has assess work values, resilience, assertiveness and self confidence

Personal Brand: Develop your own brand by exploring opportunities such as networking, and joining HRIA/EWPA events and/or committees

Digital Literacy: Embrace and utilise digital platforms for personal growth, business development and industry engagement

The HRIA Young Professionals Development Program  was created to support the career development of the future leaders in the hire industry. The program provides a voice for the next generation of hire leaders and seeks to develop informed, educated and connected professionals whilst fostering the camaraderie that is unique to the hire industry.

HRIA Young Professionals Development Program is provided exclusive to HRIA Members.

Applications are open all year round. If you apply after the current programs cut off date, you application will be considered for the next intake.

To apply for the program please click ‘Members’ below.

Thank you to our Program Supporters and Host Companies

Onsite Rental Group
Blackwood Hire
Classic Hire