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Zoomlion is one of China's largest conglomerate construction equipment manufactures, which has its presence globally in the USA, Latin America, Europe, South Africa, India and Asia pacific. Zoomlion MEWP (Mobile Elevating Working Platform) is Zoomlion's Access Business Division, whose business plans are to market and sell the MEWP products globally by leveraging its current global significant resources from its overseas facilities and networks. Zoomlion MEWP products are designed in Changsha and Wisconsin R&D Centers, integrated with state-to-art intelligent manufacturing in China, and have gone through a stringent Quality Management System for reliability, simplicity, and efficiency. The 260,000 square meters factory, located in Changsha, China, is dedicated to MEWP production. The global sales distribution network with a professional service team provides sales and spare parts support for global service. The current product portfolio of Zoomlion MEWP includes scissor lifts, telescopic boom lifts, and articulating boom lifts. The scissor lift models include the Hydraulic Drive (HD) series and the Electric Drive (DC) series. Both series products are available with Lithium Battery power. The available platform heights of each scissor series range from 4m to 14m. The telescopic boom lifts have the platform heights from 20m to 38m, the specific models are ZT20J, ZT26J, ZT34J and ZT38J. The articulating boom lift models have the platform height ranging from 14m to 20m, the specific models are ZA14J/JE, ZA20JE ("E" represents for electric-driven model) and ZA24J. Future product models and series will be launched soon.

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