PumpEng Pty Ltd

Company profile:

"PumpEng is an Australian company founded in 2001 that specialises in submersible pumps for use in mining, construction and industrial dewatering. Founder Paul Meneghel has experience in submersible pumps and mining stretching back to the 1980s. PumpEng uses innovative design to manufacture pumps that perform well in the toughest of circumstances. PumpEng has been successful in the Australian market with its innovative line of Raptor® pumps. Now PumpEng have launched a new pump - JetGuard®- that uses patented design innovations to better handle underground mining conditions including the presence of Shotcrete fibre and other tramp material."

  • 08 9434 9922
  • www.pumpeng.com.au
  • 1/118 Renewable Chase, BIBRA LAKE, WA, 6163, Australia