The HRIA Young Professional Network Leadership Development Program provides an opportunity to develop new skills and expertise. By gaining access to independent and objective perspectives of industry leaders, you’ll build your confidence in dealing with colleagues, managers and others in the industry, improve your networking and communication skills, learn how to set goals, develop your resilience. Being part of a pilot also offers you the opportunity to shape future programs.

It’s an investment in your future and the future of our industry.

All sessions, with the exception of Module 10: Personal Brand and Presence and Module 11: Networking for Success, will be held in a virtual setting via Zoom.

Introductory Session for Mentees
This session provides important information about expectations for the program.

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Program Launch and Module 1: Self Awareness
This event is designed to support both Mentees and Mentors as they commence their mentoring relationships. In the Self Awareness workshop participants will identify their strengths and potential blind spots and recognise ways to leverage areas of strength and to proactively manage gaps in their own knowledge, skill or behaviour.

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Module 2: Work Values and Purpose
The Work Values and Purpose session explores the idea of finding your “Why”. We explore those values that help to motivate you and allow you to bring your best self to work.

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Module 3: Goals
In the Goals workshop participants will explore the GROW model and SMART goal method, in a practical way to set, monitor and achieve goals within the Leadership Development program and beyond.

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Module 4: Intrapreneurship
The Intrapreneurship workshops will prepare participants with a practical system that allows them to act like an entrepreneur within their organisation. Our guest presenter will guide participants, and open their minds to the skills, knowledge and attributes of an intrapreneur.

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Module 5: Business Acumen
The Business Acumen workshop is geared to help participants have a better understanding of the drivers of growth, profitability and cash flow; and to interpret a business’s financial statements and key performance metrics. In workshop 2 we’ll hear from industry members, who will share their experiences and lead panel discussions on this topic.

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Panel Discussion
Panelists: Allen Besseling, Hireexpress, Jason LeGuier, Hotline IT and Tony Lockwood, Dieci Autralia

Module 6: Digital Literacy
In the Digital Literacy workshops, we will explore the various digital platforms in the context of our industry. Over 2 sessions we will take a practical look at workplace social media platforms (Linkedin; Instagram and Facebook) and hear from industry experts on industry specific technology platforms. We will discuss topical issues such as: What is the role/impact of an aggregator in our industry.

Module 7: Innovation
In the innovation workshop we will explore what is required to champion change and innovative within our industry. We will have access to tools, techniques and expertise to provide opportunity for practical application of the skills developed.

Module 8: Resilience and Stress Management
In this workshop participants will discover methods to increase personal effectiveness and build resilience to better manage stress.

Module 9: Assertiveness and Self Confidence
In the assertiveness and self-confidence workshop our focus is to build on the skills developed throughout the YPN program. Gaining confidence will allow participants to set and reach their goals. We will look at the three categories of assertive behaviour skills: self-affirmation, expressing positive feelings, and expressing negative feelings.

Module 10: Personal Brand and Presence
In the personal brand and presence workshop participants will identify their unique skills, strengths and talents and see how they can be used to enhance their personal brand. We will look at how to align efforts, messages and social media presence to have a consistent authentic, and valuable personal brand.

Module 11: Networking for Success
This will a networking event held at HIRE21 on the Gold Coast.
Networking is an essential tool for business development and career advancement. This session will focus on building, developing and maintaining professional, profitable business relationships through networking.

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Atomic Habits by James Clear – Core Message
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