The 2021 YPN Leadership Development Program is designed for the future leaders of the industry who are under 40 years old, it will focus on developing both personal and professional skills to help you pursue a successful career within our industry. The program will run over 8 months with a hybrid of face to face workshops and Zoom sessions, finishing with Networking for Success at HIRE2022 in Adelaide.

Please note that if for any reason face to face sessions are not possible in your state, we will still provide you with a great experience online.

You will need to commit approximately three hours per month. 
  • Catch up with your mentor – formally and informally every month.
  • During the session, actively participate.
  • Post session, reflect on the session with your Mentor.

In the Goals workshop participants will explore the GROW model and SMART goal method, in a practical way to set, monitor and achieve goals within the Leadership Development program and beyond.

Module 1 Reflection

The Business Acumen workshop is geared to help participants have a better understanding of the drivers of growth, profitability and cash flow; and to interpret a business’s financial statements and key performance metrics.

Learning agility is our ability to learn, adapt, unlearn, and relearn to keep up with constantly changing conditions. In this module we will cover self-awareness, work values, resilience, stress management, assertiveness, and self-confidence.

In this module, we will explore the various digital platforms, in the context of our industry. We will take a practical look at workplace social media platforms and hear from industry experts on industry specific technology platforms. We will look at how to align efforts, messages and social media presence to have a consistent authentic, and valuable personal brand.

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Start with Why – Simon Sinek (Full Version)

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator – Tim Urban

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Atomic Habits by James Clear – Core Message
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