What is the Chain of Responsibility?

Changes to the Chain or Responsibility (CoR) laws were introduced on 1 October 2018. These changes align Chain or Responsibility laws more closely with workplace health and safety laws.

The aim of Chain of Responsibility is to ensure that everyone in the supply chain shares responsibility for ensuring breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Legislation (HVNL) do not occur.

If you are named as a party in the chain of responsibility and you exercise (or have the capability of exercising) control or influence over any transport task, you have a responsibility to ensure the HVNL is complied with.

The HRIA Chain of Responsibility Courses

The HRIA have developed two training programs focusing on the transportation of hired plant and equipment, for HRIA members and the industry as a whole – the Face-to face Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and Load Restraint Training course and the Chain of Responsibility Online Awareness Course.

Are you compliant?

As an executive, employer or contractor, you should be ensuring that safety systems and controls are in place to prevent breaches. In a prosecution, the courts may consider the actions of each party in the supply chain. This includes what measures that have in place to prevent breaches of the HVNL occurring.

Each party in the chain must demonstrate that they took all reasonable steps to prevent the breach, or show the court that there were no steps they could reasonably be expected to have taken to prevent the breach.


In response to the changes in Chain of Responsibility laws in 2018, the HRIA Chain of Responsibility Online Awareness course was developed. This course focuses on the transportation of hired plant and equipment and has been designed to ensure that operational and administrative staff within the hire industry are aware of Chain of Responsibility law and their responsibility.

There are 13 role-specific modules within the Chain of Responsibility Online Awareness course, including the Introduction and Fundamentals courses, through to specific courses designed fore each of the different roles within the chain of responsibility. These courses will help you and you teams understand and meet you HVNL CoR legislative requirements.

You can enrol and access the HRIA Chain of Responsibility course through the clicking the button below



The HRIA face-to-face Chain of Responsibility & Load Restraint Training course has been developed specifically for the hire industry, with loading and unloading plant and equipment forming a part of the content. The course has been designed for operational staff and is relevant to both those with good CoR knowledge as well as those who may not be across all the details of the legislation.

The HRIA has successful secured funding from the National Heavy Vehicle Regular (NHVR) under the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, to roll out our face-to-face Chain of Responsibility (Cor) & Load Restraint Training course across the country. These course will be held in each state and territory covering both metropolitan and regional areas and due to the funding received will provide subsidised training opportunities for over 800 staff within HRIA member companies and related companies.

Face to face course were held through the first half of 2021 across the country. Keep an eye on this page for future face to face courses.