Mine Spec Industries

Company profile:

MINE SPEC Industries was established in April 2014, to cater for industry needs for Maintenance & Solution Management within the Mobile & Fixed Plant sectors, mainly focusing on Mining, Industrial & Transport maintenance requirements, but also branching out to Transport & Logistic services, and also Plant & Equipment Hire services. MINE SPEC also have extensive experience in Specialised Plant & Equipment Hire & Logistic requirements directly relating to the Mining, Industrial, Military, & Commercial Industries. With over 25 years of mobile & fixed-plant experience in our management group, MINE SPEC Industries prides itself on providing unsurpassed plant hire, maintenance and solution management.

  • 0886494180
  • stef@minespecindustries.com.au
  • www.minespecindustries.com.au
  • 8 Beerworth Ave, Whyalla, SA, 5600, Australia