Apollo Rentals Pty Ltd

Company profile:

Apollo Rentals is the rental arm of Apollo Engineering. Apollo Engineering is the proud manufacturer of Apollo Cleaning Systems.For over 25 years, the Apollo Cleaning Systems industry-leading range of equipment has been utilised in both customer-owned and serviced rental applications from industries like motor vehicle repair through to mining services and aerospace Apollo Cleaning Systems manufacture our innovative range of Apollo Superwash and Turbowash branded cleaning equipment at our state of the art facility in Tamworth NSW. In 2018 we started a rental business for our equipment whereby we either rent directly to the end user who then services the equipment themselves or we rent to a service company who then on-rents the equipment and provides the customer a service as part of the rental price.

  • 02 67657353
  • www.apolloengineering.com.au
  • 47 BARNES ST, TAMWORTH, NSW, 2340, Australia