Tilbury HT Group Australia Pty Ltd

Company profile:

Tilbury HT Group Australia Pty. Ltd. is one of the worlds largest materials handling manufacturers. Tilbury HT has developed into one of the largest wheelbarrow and tool cart manufacturing bases in the world producing and exporting wheel barrows, cement mixers, tools carts, metal, plastic and rubber products and a large range of specialist tools. Based in Melbourne, we specialise in Wheelbarrows, Cement Mixers and Trolleys. Being the manufacturer, there are no middle men so we offer the best products at great prices.

Company brands:

Kaart (Light Trade) - Brand 1 Kaart Pro (Heavy Trade) - Brand 2 Kaart Pro Cement Mixers (Heavy Trade) Kaart Pro Towable Cement Mixers - Petrol or Electric Kaart Pro 100L Trade Wheelbarrows Kaart Pro 160L Mulch Wheelbarrow Kaart Pro Fridge / Furniture Trolleys Kaart P Handle Trolleys Kaart Pro Piano Trolleys Kaart Pro Stairwalker Trolleys Platform Trolleys Custom and equipment trolleys

  • 03 9775 1737
  • www.tilburyht.com.au
  • 1 Capital Place, Carrum Downs, VIC, 3201, Australia